Privacy Policy

Every time you receive health care, a record of your personal details and treatment is kept.  Your treating Doctor may need to know your previous medical history to help diagnose and manage your present condition.  Unless you state otherwise, your Doctor will be able to look up your other records.

In the event you require investigation and/or further treatment, the following healthcare providers, with your consent, may be provided with your full name, date of birth, address and relevant clinical details in order to assist your treating Doctor in providing quality health care services:

¨ Pathologists
¨ Radiologists
¨ Specialists
¨ Hospitals
¨ Private Health Funds

All health professionals must comply with the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000.

Collection, Quality and Security

At City Eye Centre, information collected about you is used to help give you the best possible eye care in all stages of your assessment, diagnosis and treatment.  The information also helps us to plan new services and improve existing ones.

At City Eye Centre, we take great care to make sure that the information which may identify you is kept securely and is used only for authorized purposes.

City Eye Centre’s Privacy Policy:

“Commitment to providing a quality health service that complies with all ten National Privacy Principles as stated in The Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000.”

City Eye Centre collects information only for specific reasons

¨   Most personal information is collected as part of diagnosis and treatment.
¨   Commonwealth and State governments may legally require us to collect information on particular health conditions such as life-threatening diseases.
¨   Occasionally information is collected for official surveys on specific health issues such as diabetes.
¨   You are entitled to ask what information about you is being collected, why it is being collected, and how it will be used.
¨   You are also entitled to request changes to information held about you, which you believe, is not correct.

How is your privacy protected?

City Eye Centre will protect your privacy by keeping your personal information secure and protected from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, use, modification or disclosure.

Employees of City Eye Centre are not allowed to let anyone have your personal information except when:

¨   expressly authorized or permitted under an Act or required by law.
¨   you give your prior consent.
¨   your doctor gives information in connection with your further treatment.

City Eye Centre has procedures and protocols to ensure your personal information is correct and that it is handled in an ethical and lawful manner.

Access to your personal information

In the event you wish to access your personal information held at this practice, please collect and complete a “Request for Access” form available at Reception.   

Enquiries and Complaints

If you are unclear about any of this information or if you are concerned about the privacy and protection of your information, please contact our Privacy Officer on (07) 3831 6888.

Further information regarding privacy policy can be obtained from:

The Federal Privacy Commissioners Office

Level 8 Piccadilly Tower
133 Castlereagh Street
GPO Box 5218
Sydney NSW 2000
Privacy Hotline:  1300 363 992